The Best Choice For Outstanding Property Management in Oklahoma City

If you are in need of a professional property management team, choose Real Property Management Enterprises in Oklahoma City, OK. We are a real estate asset management company that takes pride in being the number one company among all other property management companies. With over 200 offices in total, we are one of the best in the country. Our location across from the Oil Center on NW Expressway means we know Oklahoma City. We have been listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

Get Only the Best Service For Your Investment

We are a full service property management company. This means we have everything you need and expect all under one roof when it comes to real estate management. Regardless of how large or small your investment account is with us, our property managers will treat you with the same integrity and respect as we treat all of our clients. Your investment is a part of you, and as such, is important to you and to us. We access over 50 current vacancy databases in order to find potential tenants for your properties quickly and efficiently. With us, your hard-earned investment will be paying off for you sooner rather than later.

How We Choose Your Tenants

In order to give you the full peace of mind that you deserve, we have created a three-part process for screening all potential tenants. A property manager will do a criminal background check, interview previous landlords for slow pay or eviction history, and run a credit check before we approve anyone to rent your property. This way you know we are being thorough and not just allowing anyone into your hard-earned investment. Once a tenant is in your property, they are given 24/7 access to our office for emergencies and repair work so that the likelihood of the tenant contacting you is minimized. We collect rent for you and deposit funds directly into a bank account using ACH direct deposit. In the unlikely event that eviction is necessary for a tenant on any of your properties, our property management services will handle the process for you. Make sure you stay with the top company in Oklahoma City, OK for all of your needs, and we will get your properties filled up with quality tenants as soon as possible.

Since 80% of tenants are looking for their rental properties online, RPM Management groups take advantage of the power of the internet to find new tenants. Part of our infrastructure, that we fund ourselves, gives you access to an online portal full of information on your properties. You can access information regarding your rent, deposit amounts, and inspections with just a click of the mouse button. We do quarterly inspections of each and every property so that our clients know their properties are in safe hands. Each inspection is done both inside and out because we want you to know that we treat your property as if it was our own investment.

Don't delay! Call your new property management company in Oklahoma City, OK today. You can contact Real Property Management Enterprises at (405) 463-0040. Your property is not making you any money while it is sitting vacant. Our rental management team is standing by to meet your needs now!

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